My husband shaved my Husky Caesar once, without my permission, and I didn't speak to him for a week. True story! Look how pathetic my proud baby looks in the above photo.

That's why I freaked when I saw this viral picture posted by someone on Twitter. What was done to the Husky is a crime. It's horribly wrong.

There is nothing to enjoy in this picture. The owner of this Husky should be ashamed of himself or herself for possibly harming the dog. Unless a Husky has mange, is severely matted, or it is a vet's recommendation, never shave this breed. Their double coat of beautiful fur protects them from getting a sunburn. (Yes, dogs can get burned.) It also keeps them cool.

Please take this advice seriously. Don't shave your dog during the summer months, no matter how hot it gets.

Huskies are among the many breeds you'll see at our first annual "Hops & Hounds" this Saturday at Raitt Homestead Farm in Eliot, Maine. Tickets are still available.


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