It's believed Germany started the tradition of bringing a decorated Christmas tree into the home back in the 16th century because plants and trees that remained green all year had a special meaning for people in the winter.

Since then, the tradition has stayed alive and it's something that people and pets look forward to.

Proper care for a real tree is no joke. Please, please keep your tree watered.  It's important to keep the tree stand full of water, make sure you're checking the water level several times a day. Those fresh cut trees are thirsty and will dry up within hours of running out of water. Keep in mind, a dry tree can catch fire and burn faster than a news paper. Every single little needle on the tree acts like a match, they burn hot and intense.

Another tip is to place your Christmas tree away from heat sources. Almost 25% of all fires involving Christmas trees occurred because the tree was placed too close to a heat source within the home.

It takes just over 30 seconds for this dry tree to burn out of control.

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