Taylor Swift at Gillette Stadium

All anyone was talking about and posting about on social media this weekend was Taylor Swift being at Gillette Stadium for three shows. Three legendary, very sold-out shows in New England this weekend.

And while all of them were fantastic and plenty of people who went called it the best show they've ever been to, Saturday's Eras Tour show at Gillette Stadium was next-level iconic. Because it was basically taking a shower while Taylor Swift sang live.

Haley Miller via Instagram
Haley Miller via Instagram

For those few hours when it was downpouring rain on people in the nosebleeds, people with floor seats, and Taylor herself, it was something special. And truly just proves how Taylor will go all out for her fans. Because at any moment, she could have said, "Hey, listen, sorry, we'll reschedule because this is a total wash."

But she didn't. Because she's Taylor FREAKIN Swift.

Because according to an Instagram post by Haley Miller, not only did Taylor embrace the downpouring rain, but she did her entire show in it. Flawlessly. And at times even had fun with the crowd and splashed rainwater off the top of her piano onto the crowd, because why not?

Taylor Swift Rain Water

There was something else that everyone was talking about after waking up on Sunday morning following the late, rainy night at Gillette the night before. The fact that someone literally bottled the rainwater from Taylor's Eras Tour show the night before at Gillette and was selling it on Facebook Marketplace for $250.

First off, truly genius move. Secondly, the only thing better than someone selling actual rainwater from a Taylor Swift show is the reactions to it, starting off with realizing the jars holding the rainwater are hilarious on their own.

'In a Happy Valley weed jar.' - herweck11 on Instagram


'Floor seats rain or balcony rain?' - kdeyerme on Instagram


'Parking lot or stadium rain?' - middle_earth_genetics on Instagram


'It's actually the condensed sweat that dripped off the ball.' - astro.addy on Instagram


'What a missed opportunity.' - nmkcip on Instagram


'I'm so mad I already washed and dried my clothes!' - kasseyh89 on Instagram


'This year's birthday party favors.' - style_the_gents on Instagram


'In my recession era.' - youve_got_mel on Instagram


'Looks like a new Happy Valley soluble strain.' - brannonconnolly on Instagram


'Whole time it's actually toilet water.' - staying.melo on Instagram


'When the stoners and Swifties unite!' - sarahc728 on Instagram

The wildest part -- it's legit just rainwater from the sky. If Taylor collected it in her mouth and spat it out, or it was even some of the water that she splashed on the crowd, that's one thing. But it's literally just bottled water from the sky that came nowhere near Taylor Swift.

Haley Miller via Instagram
Haley Miller via Instagram


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