How many times have you been to Fenway Park?

If you are from New England, specifically Massachusetts or New Hampshire, you've likely gone too many times to count.

The feeling of stepping onto Yawkey Way, smelling the Fenway Franks, and hearing Sweet Caroline really brings you back to the first time you went to Fenway. The funny thing is, not much has changed. Some seats are the same seats that were installed when the stadium was first built. You and your Grampy could have both sat in the same ballpark chair. So cool.

Fenway Park has also had some major upgrades, one being the Fenway Farms, AKA a garden on top of the roof.

Logan Sherwood
Logan Sherwood

When I saw the garden, I was wowed. Shocked. I expected the garden to be small, not well done, and an attempt at something cool. Instead, it was huge, well-organized, vibrant, and brilliantly executed.

The garden is 5,000 square feet and the largest one out of all the MLB ballparks, according to an article on the MLB website.


The coolest part of the 6,000 pounds of produce produced each year? It's used right in the park, according to MLB website!

"Our head chef, Chef Ron, he takes the stuff from there (the garden) and uses it in the main restaurants," Pacini said in an MLB article. "The Dell Technologies Club, the State Street Pavilion, Royal Rooters, and it's used a little bit in our suites."

So, if you have ever had any herbs, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, broccoli, eggplant, carrots, and zucchini at Fenway park, there is a very large chance it was grown locally...possibly on the roof.

A fan's stomach is not the only place that the Fenway Farms produce ends up.


While some of the veggies are used for salads in concessions, some are given right to players for pregame meals.

So, fans and players get to enjoy the Fenway Fresh produce.

But wait...there's more.

Any leftover harvest at the end of the season is donated to local Boston food banks, according to the MLB article. That is an amazing, full-circle story for Fenway Farms.


If you have never checked out the farm at Fenway, do not be so hard on yourself. It has only been around since 2014...and I just found out a week ago.

The next time you go to Fenway Park, however, remember where your veggies came from as you bit into your burger with lettuce, or your Fenway fresh salad.

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