AJ and Anna Visit WMTW!
We had a blast stopping by our favorite TV station to record our new promo!
For me, being in a TV studio is the coolest thing! I love seeing what it looks like behind the scenes.
We stopped by the WMTW studios in Westbrook to spend some time with our friend Matt Earl...
How Cold Will it Get This Week?
The first wave of the Polar Vortex has arrived here in Maine and it is going to be downright cold for the next several days with temperatures falling below zero, according to WMTW.com.
Girls Night Out!
Katie Thompson of WMTW has been filling in for Sandra this week so she thought she'd throw in a Sox game because who needs to sleep. Here's my new hero and her pals singing along with the Fenway Faithful-
Maine Food Fight to the Death
Food Fight!  Who has the best lobster roll?  It's on between J's Oyster in Portland and The Clam Shack in Kennebunkport. The two are squaring off in “Steve Harvey’s” “Great American Food Fight.”
Vote Sandra & Teddy
What's your favorite hamburger joint?  Who makes the best ice cream?  Perhaps a favorite radio station or radio morning show?  Hint, hint...We would love your vote in the Down East magazine Annual Best of Maine 2014 survey.