Not celebrating a 100th birthday is a downright sin! But nursing homes and assisted living centers have been forced to restrict visitation in order to keep their residents safe. This was the case at the Sterling Village Skilled Nursing And Rehabilitation Center in Sterling, Massachusetts where Millie Erickson was celebrating her 100th birthday.

Her family couldn't let this monumental day go by without celebrating, so they gathered outside her window and serenaded her. According to the Telegram, Millie could be seen inside rocking a sassy cowgirl hat and holding a sign that said "Today is my 100th birthday!!” A video was captured where she could be seen blowing kisses to her family. She even shed a few happy tears!

Millie was on TV and now is pretty much a celebrity around the halls at Sterling Village. She didn't let the fame get to her head, though. She did ask if she could have scallops for her birthday dinner. The staff went over to Barber's Crossing and brought some back for her. She washed it down with some Moscato because if you are lucky enough to turn 100, it only happens once!

Happy birthday, Millie! We wish you many more happy and healthy birthdays. <3

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