Now this terrifying! Imagine being lost in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, with snow and wind whipping, unable to call 911 for help. That's exactly what happened to 25 year old Robbie Cummings last Friday, as we was hiking on Franconia Ridge. According to WMTW, the New Hampshire native set out to catch the sunrise at the top of the mountain, but conditions quickly deteriorated. When he tried to call 911 for help, he had no reception...and the call didn't go through. However, he was somehow able to get online, with enough of a connection to write a Facebook post, asking friends for help:

Send help stuck by a cairn on old bridle in alpine between hut and lafayette summit - wind took map and compass, white out conditions.


His Facebook friends soon called New Hampshire Fish & Game, and shortly after that he was rescued.

I'm sure the sunrise was amazing, but I don't know if I'd go hiking in the White Mountains this time of the year to see it. I think I'll wait until the summer!

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