When you think of rich people in Maine, who comes to mind? The Bean family? Famed author Stephen King? That's who we are thinking about. Yes, they are all rich; but as it turns out, they are not the wealthiest.

Have you heard of Susan Alfond? I am surprised I don't know who she is, considering how she inherited her fortune… from SHOES! Alfond is the richest person in Maine, according to The FW. She lives Scarborough, and her net worth is $1.8 billion dollars, as per the article. Alfond was once heir to the Dexter Shoe throne. Her father Harold Alfond reportedly built the company from scratch in 1958. He later sold it to Warren Buffett, according to the article.

The second richest person in Maine was Leon Gorman, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Gorman was the grandson of L.L. Bean's founder. His net worth was reportedly $860 million dollars, when he passed away in 2015.

Stephen King is supposedly the second richest LIVING person in Maine, with a net worth of $500 million as per Celebrity Net Worth. King still maintains a home in Bangor.

Stephen King Over the Years

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