I love going to the theater and seeing all the lights, songs (I do love musicals), and actors.

There is one theater that I have yet to go to, that now is on my bucket list of places to attend.

The Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH houses many shows, comedians, the Manchester International Film Festival, and the Bank Of New Hampshire Children's Summer Series.

The theater was built in under a year and opened back in 1915. It was known to be the only first-class theater in New Hampshire that was "fireproof" and "air-conditioned." 

The Palace Theater claims that back in the day, the stage housed some amazing performers, such as Harry Houdini, Jimmy Durante, Bob Hope, The Marx Brothers, and Red Skelton.

According to their website, the theater was used as classroom space for students at New Hampshire College in the '60s.

This changed in the '70s when the theater got a revamping, but it needed to be touched up again in the '80s after a fire.

However, The Palace Theater may give you more than just actors or a comedian on the stage. You may see a ghost.

That's right, the theater is rumored to be haunted.

On an episode of "Hunting the Haunted" NH Paranormal Investigators took a closer look at what could be haunting The Palace Theater.

With over 100 years in New Hampshire, it seems that The Palace Theater has many ghosts hanging around. These include a woman in white named Mary that lingers backstage, a mysterious ghost that seems to make things go wrong (such as faulty equipment), and a man that likes to yell at people through an EVP.

It seems like the ghost known as Mary is the most frequently seen at The Palace Theater.

According to hauntedplaces.org, there have been rumors of seeing an apparition of a woman on the stage as well as some paranormal activity backstage and on the balcony. Could this be Mary?

The Palace Theater has also made a debut on TV screens, as the show "Ghost Hunters" recorded part of an episode thereCow Hampshire claims that during the recording, they were told a tale of a woman who passed away in an adjoining apartment in the 1984 fire.

There may be many ghosts that haunt this New Hampshire theater, but I feel like more proof is needed.

Did the theater resident known as Mary pass away in the '80s in the fire? Is that the apparition that many have claimed to see? Is there more than one ghost haunting the theater?

Well, if you are intrigued to find out, you can as the theater is still open for business.

I know that I will definitely be attending a performance here to see if I am able to see (or hear) anything.

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