Will schools in Maine start up again in the fall? That is the question on many parents' minds. It definitely won't be the same as before the coronavirus pandemic. But, what specific changes are being made to protect students and teachers from the virus, while getting them back to a (new) normal routine of learning?

South Portland has a plan, according to WMTW. The report talks about three reopening levels -- green, yellow, and red -- which are based on future COVID-19 numbers. In other words, it is dependent on whether or not things get better or worse.

The green level seems to be the best case scenario for parents, students, and teachers who cannot wait to get back into a classroom. This level reportedly includes safety protocols for cleanliness and proper social distancing. It will only happen if Governor Janet Mills gives the green light, so to speak.

WMTW says the yellow level would be a "blend of in-person and remote learning." The red level would keep kids at home to continue remote or distance learning.

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