Why doesn't anything amazing like this happen at my grocery store? The most excitement I get is a weird robot following me around that refuses to follow social distancing.

Shoppers at the Hannaford in Hampstead, New Hampshire, got a real treat when they saw this T-Rex casually shopping in the produce department.

"And on the 6th day of quarantine, the dinosaurs reclaimed the earth".

Here are some of my favorite comments:

Kathleen Doherty Ivanowski: Is this the common Tryanna-Hoard-A-Sus, or the less common Tryanna-Share-A-sSus?

Dawn Gilger: This definitely made work a lot more fun today. Whoever that was... Thank you!!! 😅

Jack Donovan: I had heard that the Produce Manager was a real dinosaur...guess that true😉😀!

A little fun never hurt nobody! Whoever the person is inside this T-Rex costume, you are awesome. You have not lost your sense of humor throughout all of this and I commend you.

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