I'm terrified of sharks. I have been since my evil cousin made me watch "Jaws" when I was in the first grade. After images of monsters with gigantic teeth eating people got into my head, I was afraid to take a bath by myself, let alone swim in a pool or God forbid, the ocean. To this day, I will not walk out into water past my knees, and I HAVE to be able to see my feet.

I lived in Florida for 17 years, and never overcame my phobia. And don't get me wrong... I love going to the beach. One of my favorite water activities is to take boat rides. I've even been parasailing, but I won't get in the ocean.

So, AJ has signed me up for a media tour at the Portland Science Center, because the Planet Shark: Predator Or Prey exhibit opens on Saturday. I'm getting anxious just thinking about it, so I might make an excuse and bail on him.

What do you think? Should I finally deal with my phobia?

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