Animal videos make the world go round. Cats, dogs, hedgehogs, you name it. They never fell at making us feel some emotion. Sometimes sad, and other times funny as all get out. According to The Huffington Post, studies have shown that watching a cute animal video reduces anxiety, makes you happier, and even gives you more energy. So, next time you get busted at work watching cat videos, tell the boss your doctor prescribed you 10 minute dose of  'cute therapy' a day!!

But, THIS video featuring a cat, with a snake caught up it's nose will make you feel a little different. I'd say SHOCKED! The cat's owners come to her rescue, and are dumbfounded as well. There IS a happy ending to this video, and I'd say the cat learns an important lesson: LEAVE SNAKES ALONE!


Do you have a cute or funny animal video you could share with us?