And I thought these things only happened in Florida!

A shirtless man was nabbed by the Waterville, Maine police for squatting at Champions Fitness Club. 44-year-old Eric Davis of Augusta reportedly had a short-term club membership and went to Champions on Saturday, right before closing time. He obviously wasn't there to work out, but his intentions were unknown to the staff. He may have hid from them because they locked up and left, not knowing he was still inside. This is where it gets really weird, because Davis ordered seven pizzas from Domino’s... not all for himself. According to police, he had one pizza delivered to Champions, four pizzas sent to Waterville police dispatchers and the other two to Hannaford employees.

When the police arrived, Davis allegedly told them he was a security guard for Champions. It became very clear that he was not as officers found stolen items in his backpack, including an iPod. According the the Portland Press Herald, he also punched a hole in a ceiling tile and ripped out speaker wires.

Davis is not stranger to law enforcement. He has been arrested several times in the past for burglary and criminal mischief.


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