We have a lot to be grateful for here in Maine! We live in one of the most beautiful states in the country. We have some of the best schools. We even have the best tourists!

But there are some things that real Mainers do... that just don't make much sense to people "from away." Here's a list!

Recently, Only in Maine took a wack at a list like this, and now we give you our version! (If we missed something... comment!)


We light fires on top of frozen lakes.

Ya know... when we go ice fishin'... we gotta stay warm!

Maine Ice Fishing / Facebook
Maine Ice Fishing / Facebook

Have you ever had a hot dog that "snaps" when you bite into it... outside of Maine?

That's why they're called Red Snappers!

We think going to watch water fill up a hole and make a funny noise is pretty neat.

Course you've been upta Thundah Hole!

We scramble to enter a moose lottery every year.

Maybe this year'll be the lucky year for uncle Clem!

We snowblow our roofs.

Yes... we get this much snow here.

We anxiously await "fiddlehead season" every year!

And it's so short too!

We don't wash our cars in the winter.

Why bother? Spring is coming!

We've accepted that downed power line PSAs are part of regularly scheduled programming.


A whole section of Driver's Ed is dedicated to learning how to speed up and take a moose out at the knees.

Flip 'em!

And we don't mind drinking iced coffee when it's -37 degrees out.

Ok, maybe our friends in Massachusetts can agree with us here!

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