As many listeners of the HOM Morning Show know, I have strong ties to New Hampshire. I lived there all of my life, before I moved to Maine almost four years ago. So I'm always keeping tabs on what's happening in the Granite State, including on the radio dial.

Many  listeners in NH were surprised this week to tune into stations, and find that it had changed formats. Two radio stations, one in Portsmouth and one in Laconia, abruptly changed formats over the holiday weekend, changing their music playlists from "Variety" to "Greatest Hits." The stations will shift their focus to older, and more rock leaning music.

Both stations had been the "Variety" format for quite some time 25 years or more. Many people listened to these stations all day at work. But now with the new format, many listeners are confused and upset.

Fortunately, 94.9 HOM plays a format very similar to what these two stations did prior to the switch. We play the Best Mix of the 80s, 90s, and Today, a perfect playlist of songs to listen to while you work. We invite radio listeners in New Hampshire who feel lost now that their favorite station is gone, to come check out HOM! Nikki and I are your companions in the car on the way into work, Kira Lew and Mike Adams keep your workday moving along, and John Tesh gives you Intelligence For Your Life at night. You can listen to us wherever you go - on your radio, listen live online, with the HOM Mobile App, or on Alexa enabled devices. Help spread the word that anyone who just lost their favorite station is welcome to join our family!

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