Now that we're on the latter half of summer, it's important to take advantage of these indispensable warm days by spending time outside. Like many New Englanders, you've probably spent time out on the water these last couple months, whether that's at the family lake house, nearest beach, or somewhere else.

Well, how would you like to enjoy a sunny day out on the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth, New Hampshire? Thanks to the Gundalow Company, you can do just that.

What is a Gundalow?

According to the Gundalow Company's website, gundalows first appeared in the mid-1600s and are "a shallow drafted type of cargo barge, once common in the Gulf of Maine’s rivers and estuaries." The ships' size also helped with navigability by enabling the vessels to travel down shallow rivers, and their lateen sails could additionally "be lowered to “shoot” under bridges."

What is the Gundalow Company?

The website explains that the Gundalow Company uses "a traditional wooden sailing vessel to provide unique educational experiences on the tidal waters of the Piscataqua Region." Their various programs increase awareness of maritime history and the coastal environmental issues of today.

What Cruises Does the Gundalow Company offer?

The Gundalow Company offers multiple public, private, and educational cruises.

Public cruises include Portsmouth Harbor daytime sails, sunset sails, concert cruises, and a special Tuesday Speaker Series. Private charters are offered for private parties of any type.

There are also numerous educational offerings, including field trip and river classroom programs. You can learn more about those here.

To learn more about the Gundalow Company or purchase tickets for an upcoming cruise, click here.

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