I remember when I was watching the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show when Justin Timberlake performed.  He went into the stands and something magical happened that we all witnessed.

And when I say, "all" I mean millions of spectators. But even more magical, our beautiful state of Maine was featured in a very amazing way.

According to NBC Boston, Justin Timberlake approached 13-year-old Ryan McKenna in the crowd as he was performing, and all of Maine perked up. He was holding a selfie stick ready to film himself with the mega celeb but our state noticed something right away.

There he was, "the selfie-stick kid" staring at his phone like most pre-teens do, wearing a sweatshirt that said, Sunday River ski resort. Sunday River is an iconic ski resort in Maine that people from around the world visit for winter sports.

Of course, Sunday River shouted him out on Twitter and gave him and Justin Timberlake resort passes!

It was later found out that Ryan lives in Hingham, Massachusetts and said,

I just thought to myself, 'I'll never get this opportunity again in my whole life, I just went for it.

Ryan McKenna, NBC Boston

Because of this, Ryan was able to go on the Today Show and talk about his experience of JT singing to him during the biggest live sports show of the year.

Because of this moment in time, Ryan's Instagram story had 60,000 views and instantly received 12,000 followers. He also was on Ellen DeGeneres as a guest!

We also know the internet very well and when something legendary happens, it becomes a meme and this moment was no exception.

Maine felt good on that Super Bowl Sunday because we were represented by an excited fan boy at the Super Bowl, the biggest TV event all year.

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