Celebrity sightings in Maine always create quite the buzz!

Whether it's Martha Stewart visiting Bob's Clam Hut:

Seth Rogen hitting up Hazel's Take out in Rockland:

or Jimmy Fallon visiting the easternmost point in the continental US in Lubec, Maine. 

People in Vacationland are fascinated when a major athlete or star from Hollywood decides to visit their humble little state. From where we are sitting, they always seem to love it! Or at least they tell us that they do.

Last week, The Porthole Restaurant & Pub was graced with a visit from a Red Sox legend, Steve Lyons. Lyons even let an employee named James try on the "Hardware", which made for a pretty cool photo op.

Lyons played for the Boston Red Sox from 1985 to 1983. His colorful and eccentric personality earned him the nickname "Psycho". He would do wacky things on the filed like play tic-tac-toe and hangman against opposing players during games, and using spikes to mark the infield dirt.

After retirement, Lyons dabbled in sports broadcasting, but some controversial remarks got him in trouble over the years, as did some domestic abuse allegations.

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