A few people told me when I moved to New England last winter to embrace the snow by learning how to ski, snowboard or some other fun winter activity. While I am not sure that I will ever embrace the cold weather, I have been snow tubing before. Mind you, it was at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida, and the "snow" was melting pretty quickly. AND, I was wearing sandals. (I'll have to find a picture.) The point is: I did it and I had a good time. I would be up for trying it again in real winter conditions.

Thus, Seacoast Adventure Park is on my winter bucket list. Seacoast is located in Windham, Maine.

This is a cool video: This couple used a GoPro to capture their night of tubing. I'm sure it was just as fun to make the video as it is to watch it.

By the way, season passes are now available for purchase.