Should it be mandated for all schools in Maine to teach cursive writing in schools? Our lawmakers at the State House don't think so, at least not for now. According to WGME, a bill to mandate cursive writing in Maine schools will not become law, as it effectively was shut down today by members of the Education and Cultural Committee. The members voted unanimously against the bill, which would have mandated cursive writing lessons in all Maine public schools, grades three through five.

We've talked about cursive writing several times on the HOM Morning Show. Many people have called to weigh in with their opinion, and people make great cases in the debate both ways. While typing on a phone or a keyboard has become the prefered way to send someone a message, there are a few good reasons that people should know how to read or write in cursive. For example, you need to know cursive to have a proper signature, right? Also, we've had people call in who say that for their job, they regularly read old handwritten documents, which are usually in cursive.

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