If you raised kids on the Seacoast, chances are you attended a child's birthday party or two at Rumble Tumble in Portsmouth.

Seacoast Online states that the play center has been a go-to spot for 15 years for parents to take children to let out some energy! Running, jumping, and climbing was all encouraged. It provided much sanity to parents during freezing cold winters or on rainy days. (Parents could even bring their own wine! Dreams really do come true!)

It is a story we are hearing all too often as of late. Unfortunately Rumble Tumble is another local business that is unable to withstand the financial toll that the pandemic took on them, the news site reported.

Amber Wyman is the owner of Rumble Tumble and she is hopeful that when this is all behind us, they might be able to reopen perhaps in a different location, according to seacoastonline.com.

Amber has been giving away various items in the party room while selling others in an ongoing garage sale, the news site reported, and she is also selling her business name, trademarked logo, website and social media platform for $10,000.

“I truly believe it has a very bright future for the right person,” Amber told Seacoast Online.

Amber loves hearing about all of the memories that took place within the walls of Rumble Tumble. It is making this emotionally exhausting time a little more bearable.

If you do have a memory please head to Rumble Tumble on Facebook and drop a comment. It will make Amber's day.

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