Since July 28th at least six restaurants and stores have been broken into in the Portland area, according to the Press Herald.

The article reports Portland Police Lt. Robert Martin isn't sure if the burglaries are connected and pointed out that some of the break ins were similar with property damage and while other places just got robbed. He added the incidents shared similarities such as the  method of entry and what was stolen.

The businesses hit include the Maine Oyster Co, Maine Juice Co, Boda restaurant, Little Tap House, Leavitt & Parris, Eyes on Rosemont and Wallace James Clothing the paper reports.

Even though security cameras caught one break in at Maine Juice Co, police say they have made no arrests at the moment but are continuing to follow up on leads.

The security video shows a tall, thin white man with shoulder length dark hair, wearing a light-colored shirt who tried to open the register with a crowbar for about 6 minutes, the paper reports. Then he opened the fridge, grabbed a tub of almonds that were soaking in water and poured that on the register, presumably to try and cover up any fingerprints.

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