I have not had a child yet, but I can't wait to be a Mom. I feel that the biggest responsibility from the get go when having a child can completely map out how their life is going to be. I am talking about picking the child's name. You really don't want to screw that one up.

But, I do know their are so many things to consider when picking a child's name. Maybe it's the name of your favorite Aunt growing up, or a name you have just always loved. Or, maybe you want it to be cool, hip and different. And, then there is always naming your child after your favorite comic book character. I'll tell you a little secret about me, I have a running list on my cellphone of baby names for boys and girls! And, every time I hear a name that sparks my interest, I add it to the list. So then, I am ready for it! LOL

According to cafemom.com and today.com, each state has a quirky baby name just dying to be used again.



For a Girl: Quincy

This name could be used for a boy or a girl. I am a huge fan of naming a girl a usually boy name. Makes them sound 'bad ass' and it stands out. Kinda random, but the name is Latin, and means 'Born fifth'. Also, a famous president was John Quincy Adams. Let's not forget the fabulous Quincy Market inside Faneuil Hall in Boston. What do you think about this name for your baby?

For a boy: Eliot

This name will forever and always remind me of the movie 'E.T.'. So sweet, right? There is also an Eliot, Maine. The name is of Greek background, and pays homage to 'God'. What do you think?


New Hampshire:

For a girl: Penny

Awe, that is such a sweet name for a sweet little girl. It remind's me of my favorite claymation charater on the TV show 'Pee Wee's Playhouse'. It's classic, and she'd be named after money! Penny could also be short for Penelope. It's a Greek name and means Flower. What do you think?

For a boy: Davin

It's a mix between David and Devin. Helps you if you couldn't choose between those two. I see a boy named Davin being the star quarterback in high school, and having a good heart. Could be the next TB12, you never know. Just different enough to be cool. What do you think?


What is the strangest baby name that you have ever heard of?





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