As I turn 50 years old today I though it would be cool to change the title of a Jimmy Buffett classic and take a quick look back.

For the most part I'm OK with it but still a lil surprised I made it this far considering I grew up in Boston through the 80's w/ pals like Delly and Benda.

Just a few stops along the way-


Presidents GC N. Quincy MA

Artie & Abbie, Joey, Puppa, Baby Brownie, Snoopa, all the Maglio's and Stevie Murphy, Fitzy, Rick & Patty, Meech, Charbo, Buttsie, Dalts, Charbo, Scraper, Frankie, Lama, Stoney, Jaws, Chico, Gangbusters, Jeannie, Rosie's and the whole Foster family. The Spelling Bee. Thank you to Artie for hiring me and not firing me when I f'ed up. Instead he would put me in the corner like a 2 year old. If only we had cell phone cameras back then-


Jimmy's Harborside Valet Stand, Boston MA

Bobby and the whole Daly family, Gerry Toomey, James, Ricky B. Steven, Delly, Matty Trevor, Paulie G. John G. Danny O. Lil Bubba G Al D Delly, Duke, Scotty, Danny S. All the BC assholes. The 86 Sox Kevin K. Mary Ann Mary M. Savas, Stavas and endless Greeks. All the detail cops. Victoria Station, Pier 4 Chicks Frankie Vidaro Jimbos Johnny Bowen. Tima Timmy F. Mostly Bubba for hiring me and being one of my best friends still to this day.


The Country Club Brookline MA

Holty, Brad, Scarpa and the Noris family (which multiplies every time I go on FB) Pesky, John G. Matt, Toni Tim T. Kimmy Eli. Nick De. Danny D. Nickle, Starky, Dinsy, Flynnie Mary C Keith Oscla and Fam  Spence  All The Callahan's The Burkes Luke, Chefy Joey Moose Jocko McSwinney Mary Brent Scotty D Scotty W Skakel Mario P Lady D Lynnie Pockington, Barker, Debbie O. All the Loopers/Lawn Donkeys that drove me crazy. Thanks to Stevie Ballard and Mr Chag who gave me a winter gig when they didn't have to. And to Brendan Walsh who brought me back for a 2nd tour. This was one of the most incredible and unique experiences in my life-


Warren Ave & One City Center, Portland Maine

All of these people above, WJBQ WHOM WCYY WBLM 2004 Red Sox, Sandra, Chad, Squidly Curdo Frankie V Steelzy, Mike "Qsy" Adams Daphnee, Gloria Dean Sharon  Danielle "Nelly B" F. GV Trent, Rover, Sambrook Caroline Lorenzo Dale Mike F George & Erica TTT Holly "HHBB" N. Tommy Jody and Alyx Holly R. Chelsea Amy Rose Jen  Greg Katie Pants Kramer Kara Mike "Kannon" Castano GU Celeste Bakes Charlie G Spose MJ Chris R Celeste Drew Chuck B Bob P Herbie and Deb Dominic Igo Steve V Andrew G Paul B Rodney Lou  Bill M Beth Snowder Mt Wash Obs Rebbeca Kaitlyn Ryan Brett W. Brett G. Tyler Tripp tom Mike and Laurie M Emily Wendell Persky Anna Faith Karen M Duchess Hockeyboy Karen H. Bill Nancy Juston Mc Gail Frenchie Kris C Jason F'n Jen B. Facemelter Faggy Lunch Club Jen L Sully Spankie "The Rock n Roll Monkey" Jonesy Lannie Browndog Slonger Petey B. Diana I Steve L. Katie T. Thema Bob M. Amanda H.Goldberg Bill G Michelle T Michelle H Anna The Breeder Michelle M. Barbara C. Matt Z. Mallory Matt E Erin Meghan Anita Terry B Terry C. Teresa Mariann Bob C Heather Robin Disco June Carol Frenchie Cathy Kelly L. Bootsie  Ben Cathy T Rory Derek Eva Preber Meg S Kathleen F DEM Sarah C Lara Amanda C Amanda M. Heather G Matty B Charlie Patty F Bill L Teresa G NN NWL GW Herring Mr & Mrs MacBabe  Patsy & ARLGP. Big Love to Meredith Jeff and Lori who I never would've got through the fire and countless life shit over the last 14 years. True friends.  I really love you guys! Also during the fire Amy Alward and the listeners, most I'll never meet. Finally great thanks to Tim Moore for believing in me, having my back and being all of our dads!!


Harry "Bud" Nelson

My mentor, the older brother I never had, my family. No words describe what he means to me and thank you for introducing me to Lynne and Steve. Two of the best people on the planet-


These people

Mom & Dad, my sister Tracey and brother Richie. I never really knew how much I love you all till the last few months. You too Cherry's Bosworth's Dolan's Driscoll's Doyle's and Grahams. Bakers, Vilagies and a Noonan.


Honey and Lily Mae

Oh ya, them. I see this view almost every night. I've never been happier, love you both so much and thanks to your family who has taken me in like one of their own. Love all you guys too!


They say 50 is the new 40 so here you go... CHEERS!!!