Residents in the coastal town of Wareham, Massachusetts, are alarmed at the sighting of a giant blob type fish off the coast.  The fish is an ocean sunfish, according to

The sunfish sightings happen often in the fall off the coast of New England and seeing a picture of this creature, I can see why people might call the police.

It reminds me of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the “Ghostbusters” movie.

It is a giant, glob like looking fish that can be as big as 10 feet long and weigh upwards of 4,400 pounds.  Wow!

The local police department was receiving so many calls that Wareham Department of Natural resources issued a statement on their Facebook page to which it says “We are aware of a sunfish in Broad Cover. We have checked on it, and it is doing normal sunfish activities.  It's swimming.  It’s not stranded or suffering.  The sunfish is FINE. PLEASE STOP CALLING THE POLICE DEPARTMENT ABOUT THIS SUNFISH!!"

They must be serious because they said it in all caps and used two exclamation points.  Seriously, I like that the residents of the town off the Cape cared enough to call in about the sunfish because they thought it was in trouble or suffering.

Thankfully, the sunfish, although massive in size, is very gentle and pose only the threat of spitting when people bother it.  Why you would want to bother a fish this big is beyond me and I would like to know who would bug this fish enough to KNOW that it spits when pestered.

They are fairly common sightings off the coast of New England in the fall so fear not, it’s just a sunfish doing sunfish activities.

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