I love when the u Local New Hampshire Facebook page takes us on a stroll down memory lane. Did you know the Weirs Beach Neon sign has been standing proud since 1956? It is a vintage landmark and such a staple in the lakes region. It's amazing how just seeing a sign can make so many fond memories come flooding back.

They posed the question on their Facebook page "What's your favorite neon sign?" and per usual, people delivered in the comments! It was so fun to watch people interact with each other and reminisce about these places. It sure beats arguing about politics!

People from New Hampshire Love These Iconic Signs from the Past and Present

Have you ever been driving and you see a sign and all of a sudden a world of memories come flooding back? Let's highlight some of the most iconic signs in our area and what they mean to Granite Staters.

Speaking of memories, these New Hampshire spots will always hold a special place in our hearts!

These 10 NH Places Bring Back the Best Memories

10 Things You Totally Remember If You Lived in New Hampshire In the 1980's

If you lived here in New Hampshire in the 1980's, there's no way that you didn't know about these events, people and places. They were part of our lives and some, still are. Sadly a few are no longer with us, but enjoy this list. I know I enjoyed remembering all these things from back in the day.

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