Being a fan of a musician, movie star or theme park is hardly something new. In fact, most of us growing up were superfans of something, often showing our love by hanging posters on our bedroom walls of the places or people we idolized the most. So while most people may still have that signed photo with Aerosmith or a framed first edition of Spider-Man hanging on the wall, one person in Lewiston, Maine decided to show their devotion to a place they love in a different way. By getting a tattoo scribed across the side of their head.

Shared on Facebook by Lewiston Pawn Shop, you're staring at the side of the head of a man named Timothy St. Pierre. St. Pierre is apparently the kind of dedicated customer all businesses hope to find and hold onto. His love of the Lewiston Pawn Shop led him down the path of becoming their most devoted fan as well as their most notable piece of advertising.

Many commenters on the Facebook post refused to believe the head tattoo was legitimate. Several stated that St. Pierre must have lost a bet or perhaps was paid by the Lewiston Pawn Shop to go through with the large scale tattoo. Lewiston Pawn Shop claims otherwise, stating that St. Pierre did this on his own volition and they are honored to have a fan of their business pay such a nominal tribute.

Suddenly that Rolling Stones poster hanging on your wall doesn't feel so special, right?

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