French fries are the best friend to literally every dish. You can't eat a burger, sandwich, fish, or chicky nugs amongst many more without the famous French fries. Eating a burger without fries is like putting only your right shoe on.

You wouldn't think that this very simple and narrow potato could be made in several different ways and varieties but the cooks of the world have turned French fries from an app to a main course, for real.

Now that I have you salivating, let's talk more about these delightful fries. The food industry in Maine is next level and I wanted to find the best places in this state to satisfy one's French fry craving.

I am now an official, "French Fry Foodie." After doing much work and research there are so many different places I am excited to try. There is this wicked good "Totally Awesome Vegan Food Truck" that makes great fries and parks all around Portland.

There is even an Inn in Bangor that makes kick butt fries called Queen City Inn!

I came across so many delicious French fry spots and as per usual, I will share them all with you so we can have a fry binge together.

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