For a lot of people, we're about five weeks into a stay-at-home alteration to daily life. That's five long weeks for the mop on top of your head to grow, grow some more and continue growing. And judging by just about everyone's social media feeds, people have started taking their hair cutting needs into their own hands and the results aren't great. Hence, a petition has been started.


In a campaign created by Michelle Tuttle, the petition asks that the State of Maine reconsider rules to allow hair stylists to see one client at a time as long as they follow all of the proper protocols on sanitation during and after the visit. The petition states that the hair stylist would be wearing a mask and gloves as well as the client during the visit.

The petition certainly makes some valid points. As the pandemic stretches on and most people continue to stay at home, a new haircut could help simply from an emotional standpoint if nothing else. Allowing a stylist to work could help alleviate a tiny bit of burden when it comes to the massive amount of unemployment claims statewide. Ultimately, it will all come down to risk. Will every stylist and salon follow the protocols? Will every potential client respect the one-client-at-a-time rule or will multiple people flood the waiting area?

So what do you think? Should Maine consider allowing salons and barber shops to open under new guidelines?

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