If you plan on entering a radio contest any time soon, make sure you read the fine print before you do something as drastic as getting a One Direction tattoo.

According to PEOPLE, Tennessee dad Roger Fraser couldn’t afford to take his two daughters to see One Direction in Indiana because their tickets are exorbitantly expensive, despite the fact that their stage show is exactly the same as it's been since 2012. Refusing to take no for an answer, Fraser tried to win tickets via a radio contest. While most parents dressed up as the band or took photos in front of 1D merch, Fraser embodied the spirit of your average One Direction fan by taking things to an unprecedented extreme: He tattooed "I [love] One Direction" on his arm.

It wasn't until after Fraser got the tattoo that his 14-year-old daughter, Makayla, decided to take a look at the contest rules. By then it was too late — the contest was only open to Indiana residents, meaning Fraser was ineligible to win despite his enormous sacrifice. Whoops!

Fraser took this news in stride, and says he doesn't regret his decision enough to, say, peel off all the layers of skin or cut off his arm. He even caved and bought three tickets to the show shortly before it started, a move we hope his daughters appreciate. Fraser said, “We didn’t get to meet One Direction. We didn’t go on stage or get front row. But the reward has been all the memories that we’ve made."

Would your parents ever do something like this for you to maybe win tickets to something? Do you think soon-to-be-father Louis Tomlinson could learn a thing or two about parenting from Roger Fraser? Do you even believe Louis' baby is real yet? Let us know!

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