The Freeport Flag Ladies, Carmen, Elaine and Joanne, showed how determined they are to their mission yesterday. Each Tuesday morning they stand on Main Street in Freeport wearing our country's colors and waving the American flag. Not rain, sleet, snow or even a blizzard could stop them. They were out there yesterday morning, as usual, even with the Blizzard of 2015 bearing down on them.

They didn't stay out quite as long as they usually do. Can you blame them? Not at all!

Here is what Elaine wrote on their Facebook page yesterday.

We headed to the hill in howling winds and biting snow this Tuesday morning. Not even a blizzard would keep us from our mission even though we weren’t able to stay for the whole hour.

Feed the roots of your being, strengthen your capacities, nourish whatever is good, repress whatever is bad. Determine that not a power shall go to waste; that every faculty shall do its utmost and reach it’s highest.

Elaine Greene ©

The Freeport Flag Ladies are now on the big and small screen! They are the subject of a new documentary called "One Tuesday Morning." You can find out more about it here.

It's a worth a trip down Main Street on a Tuesday morning to say hello to these wonderful ladies. You know they'll be there no matter what the conditions are like!

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