There are three places in Maine named after "Lincoln," and amazingly, not a single one of them have anything to do with the sixteenth President of the United States.

What are the three places?

The Town of Lincoln, Maine (in Penobscot County)

The Town of Lincolnville, Maine (in Waldo County)

Lincoln County, Maine

One might just assume that one of the three of them, or all three, had something to do with the most famous American to ever have the name.

You'd also be wrong.

The Town of Lincoln, Maine was named after Enoch Lincoln, Maine's sixth Governor. Enoch was very distantly related to Abraham, sharing a common ancestor from Worcester, Massachusetts in the 1600s.

The Town of Lincolnville, Maine was named after General Benjamin Lincoln, a Revolutionary War-era general, and a close friend of General Harry Knox.

Lincoln County, Maine was actually named after the city of Lincoln in England, which was the hometown of Thomas Powell, a colonial governor of Massachusetts. Remember... Maine was part of Massachusetts until we broke away and formed a new state in 1820.

Ya learn something new about Maine every day, right?

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