So, as I was running through our brand new hyper-local news source for the Seacoast in New Hampshire, Seacoast Current, because I'm a man that likes to stay in the know (when I eventually turn off the Food Network and realize there's a world outside of Chopped and the 293843 Guy Fieri shows), I came across this article posted about UNH Athletics deciding to not allow spectators to kick off the 2020-21 season.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against it. I know it's for the greater good. But I still have a question about it. Or I guess just sports spectating in general, really.

HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE?! I get that different states are doing different things (like Massachusetts setting up the mask mandate and a curfew), but how can this possibly be so different for everyone? You look at Fenway, Gillette, or now the Whit, and there's not a spectator to be seen (except for that one dude that somehow broke into Fenway during a Sox game.)

But I remember watching a Chiefs game toward the beginning of the season and being so confused at how that was happening. NBA rocked the bubble method, same with NHL. MLB wouldn't allow any fans in any park. How is it different for the NFL? How are there college teams with PACKED stadiums watching Oklahoma or Clemson games, but TOO BAD SO SAD, THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO WATCH THE WILDCATS? NOPE.

I just feel like the entire world is a double standard right now:

YOU MUST SOCIAL DISTANCE SIX FEET AWAY FROM EACH OTHER AT ALL TIMES. Because COVID is out here like "Oh darn, that person is 6 feet and 1 inch away from me, shucks, guess I can't infect them."

YOU CAN GO TO A RESTAURANT AND DE-MASK AT YOUR TABLE, BUT PUT IT ON IF YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM. I get the whole "it's because you're walking around the restaurant so it's protect everyone else in there" view -- but I'm sorry, if you sneeze from 20 feet away INSIDE OF A RESTAURANT, it's not like coronavirus is a mime stuck in a 6-foot by 6-foot box.

YOU CAN GO WATCH THIS COLLEGE OR PRO FOOTBALL GAME, BUT IF YOU'RE ON THE SAME BLEACHER MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SIX FEET OF SPACE BETWEEN BOTH SIDES OF YOU. Yet people will have the same 6 inches of space between the spectator in front of or behind them.

THE AISLES IN THIS GROCERY STORE ARE ONE-WAY ONLY. But you're free to move around the produce area and touch the same pieces of fruits and vegetables as everyone else, that's fine. No worries.

For the record, I'm beyond ecstatic that as many restaurants as possible are still open for dining, and definitely open for take-out or curb-side delivery. I'm genuinely happy people are finding a way to live as normal of a life as possible. I just don't get how you can go watch the Bengals or Browns play the Patriots in Ohio, but sorry, can't go cheer on your alma mater.

Sorry, I just miss live sports in stadiums/arenas/ballparks. And bonding with fans at said live sports while you cheer on your team to win. I'm off my soapbox, now.

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