The man who won a lobster roll eating contest in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire has done it again, this time with cupcakes. Matt Stonie is ranked as the world’s top professional eater, according to Forbes, which also points out that his nickname "Megatoad" comes from his childhood obsession with the fictional character Todd on Nintendo’s Mario. And here I thought he had earned the name from his many eating competitions. Stonie was 17 when he devoured 23 lobster rolls in 10 minutes in Hampton Beach in 2010, according to the Seacoast Online. It was his first win and put him on the path to becoming a professional eater. This has to be the best job in the world which is why I'm amazed that the Megatoad only weighs 130 pounds.

Stonie is 25 now, and he recently stuffed his face with 125 cupcakes in just under 9 minutes in a video he posted on YouTube. That's over 12,000 calories! I could probably down 25 cupcakes in 9 minutes; but then, my teeth would ache from all the sugar.


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