His tent was damaged from the strong wind.

According to WMTW, a 27-year-old man from the Czech Republic had to be rescued from Mount Washington on Sunday morning.

He called 911 shortly after midnight Saturday night because his tent had been damaged from the strong winds, the news station reported.

He spent the night in his sleeping bag and was rescued the following morning by Fish & Game, according to WMTW.

According to hikesafe.com: 

"In New Hampshire, hikers who negligently cause themselves to become lost or injured - resulting in costly and dangerous rescues - may be billed for those rescue services.

  • The State of New Hampshire and U.S. Forest Service spend more than $260,000 annually on rescues.
  • Search and rescue of hikers in the White Mountains averages in the thousands per rescue.
  • Proper equipment for a winter hike or rescue mission costs as much as $4,000 per person.
  • Thousands of hours and personal equipment are provided by volunteers."

The WMTW report says the man was very well prepared for the hike.

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