When it comes to pizza in and around Portland's Old Port, Pizzaiolo has become a local favorite over the past several years. Located at 535 Cumberland Avenue, Pizzaiolo specializes in New York style pizza, the kind you can fold up and devour with a smile on your face. It's put enough smiles on faces that Pizzaiolo has decided to expand and open a second location in Portland, with an expanded menu and seating options.

Shared on Facebook, the new location at 865 Forest Avenue is called Pizzaiolo Bar and Grille. The same delicious New York style pizza will remain a staple of the menu, but the bar and grille will also be serving up Italian classics like chicken parmigiana, shrimp scampi and cheese tortellini. They've also packed the menu with seafood and sandwich options as well.

The new location offers something else the original Pizzaiolo does not. Lots and lots of seating. Pizzaiolo Bar and Grille features ample indoor and outdoor seating for larger gatherings or just a nice evening dining on a patio. It also has plenty of parking which is always welcomed in Portland.

Pizzaiolo Bar and Grille will become the latest restaurant in a long list of them to try to break the curse of 865 Forest Avenue. In the last two decades, there's been a half a dozen different restaurants move into the location and most of them did not last long unfortunately. The good news is that this stretch of Forest Avenue has seen growth recently, from restaurants like Bird & Co. and Woodford F&B opening to rave reviews. Binga's will have their new Portland location opening just down the road. Suddenly, Forest Avenue is a restaurant hotspot.

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