According to the MUFON database, a UFO sighting June 13th in Orrington is the most recent report of other worldly space craft in the state, with 4 total reports in May-June. 

Back in April we posted an article about where the most UFO sightings in Maine were. Orrington was not one of the hot spots according to past reports but that doesn't mean this was the first. In fact a strange flying object was reported over Orrington June 15, 1978, curiously close to the same day as the most recent sighting. The 1978 UFO was spotted near the Brewer/ Orrington town line as was the most recent.

The June 13, 2015 report comes from an anonymous Orrington resident on their way home from the gas station at Snow's Corner traveling towards Brewer just after 9PM.

 100 to 200 yards from my turn off to the right, just before the Orrington-Brewer town-line, I saw a bright teal object slightly above the trees to the North-Northeast going slightly above the tree tops, then dipping below with some lateral motion back and forth as it did. It was "triangular" but had a round shape with smaller circles underneath.

It illuminated a teal color seemingly from within as the surface "glowed" teal, with black features on it. At one point it tipped slightly away and I could see the bottom of the object. Lastly, it went below the trees one last time and I did not see it again.

The sighting reportedly only lasted less than a minute and the person who saw this is confident it is not one of the planes that frequent the skies over Orrington heading to Bangor International Airport, or a Lifelight helicopter.

 This object was clearly not a conventional aircraft and moved very quickly back-and-forth and up-and-down. The color was almost as bizarre as the behavior itself.

Do you believe? Have you ever seen anything strange in our skies?