Don't you love it when celebrities get married in secret? No big announcements until after the fact. One New Kids on the Block member recently decided to secretly get married (guess you can say they had the right stuff). Well, the secret is finally out.

Singer and HGTV star, Jonthan Knight is officially off the market.

Jonathan revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he and his longtime boyfriend, Harley Rodriguez, secretly tied the knot.

According to People, Jonathan and Harley got engaged back in 2016. The two were planning their big day and were hoping to be married in 2021, however, due to the pandemic they were unable to follow thru with their plans.

In 2021, Jonathan told People that "We were going to get married on the farm this year under a tent and then have the ceremony in our barn. We had everything lined up: the caterers, the entertainment. We were going to get married under candlelight. And then that all just stopped."

Entertainment Tonight published an exclusive interview with Jonathan on Wednesday and during the interview, he spilled it all.

When Entertainment Tonight asked about the ring on his finger, Jonathan replied, "we did," giving the confirmation that they are in fact married. Jonathan followed up with, "But everybody just assumed we're married, so, I never say yes or no 'cause I don't wanna lie."

Entertainment Today also stated that even though the couple is now officially married, they have yet to celebrate due to the pandemic. Jonathan did insist that "It's coming."

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