How ironic is this? A St. Bernard had to be rescued from Mount Washington in northern New Hampshire on July 27th, 2020, after injuring his paws, according to the New Boston Post. I don't know much about this breed, except it is never a good idea to expose any dog to extreme conditions. I had a friend in Texas who had a fully grown St. Bernard, and I remember how pitiful he looked when he was outdoors in the brutal summer heat.

This St. Bernard named Jack is 150 pounds of pure love and lots of fur. He was hiking with his family of three and another dog, (who was not injured as far as we know) up Boot Spur Trail. The mountain rocks on Mount Washington were a little more than Jack's poor paws could bear, as per the Post. So, Jack could not go a step further. Thus, the mother, son and other fur-baby went back down to get help, while the father stayed behind with Jack.

It wasn't until the next day when a group of volunteers were reportedly able to rescue the pair. The news article says the team included members of the Appalachian Mountain Club and the two owners of "Four Your Paws Only" pet store, plus some other volunteers. The operation turned into a 9-hour mission as the rescuers climbed up and down the 5.4-mile-long trail.

Luckily, Jack is going to be okay, as per the report.

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