This New Hampshire native knows it's the little things that can make a big difference. Josh Crowell is a mailman in Bow who wanted to help brighten the spirits of the young people who make up the class of 2020 at Bow High School, who won't get to experience a normal graduation ritual, which is an important rite of passage in life. These seniors won't hear their names called to walk across a stage to get a well-earned diploma. Their parents won't be sitting in an auditorium with hundreds of other proud parents, cheering them on and maybe even shedding a few tears of joy. They won't get to throw their caps into the air and go to an amazing after-party.

Crowell decided to put a graduation card and a Dunkin Donuts gift card into the seniors' mailboxes, who lived along his route, according to WMUR. The report says he's never met any of the students. If this is the case that he doesn't know them; then, it makes his act of kindness even more meaningful.

We need more mailmen like Crowell in the world.


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