There are several towns in the Granite State that have been abandoned over the years, for various reasons.

When I hear the term "ghost town", I usually think of different parts of the country...maybe out west or in the south. So I was surprised to discover that there are actually several ghost towns in New Hampshire. These towns were once vibrant communities with many inhabitants, but now are mostly abandoned.

Once a logging community, this ghost town in the White Mountains has been empty since 1946. In it's prime, the town was home to almost 200 people. But several fires and flooding over the years forced the mill in town to close, which led to the town's demise. Very little remains of it - some walls and foundations that were once the mill and powerhouse, now reclaimed by the forest...covered in moss.

Once a mining town, very little is left of this town just east of Keene - RR grades, quarries, roads, cellarholes, and stonework. Roxbury’s demise was the result of the great Depression of the 1930s along with an ever-increasing preference for concrete over stone.

Pretty ironic that a town called Success ended up being a failure. East of Berlin, this town does have a small seasonal population, though none of these homes are primary residences.

This one is such a ghost town that it's not just hard to find, but it's even hard to find any information about it online. It's absent from printed or online maps. You can't even find it on Mapquest or Google Earth.

These are just a few of the ghost towns in New some digging and you'll learn there are several more!

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