When I went to see the Elton John musical "Rocketman" recently, a woman who was sitting next to me was checking her Facebook on her phone during the movie. It was difficult to ignore, because the light from her phone was very bright. Even though she wasn't making any noise, I could not help but be annoyed. It was distracting me from watching a great movie. Perhaps she was bored or felt she could multi-task? Maybe, she was waiting for a very important post or message from a friend. I don't know why she was doing what she was doing. I only know that she was being rude, regardless of whether she knew it or not.

I've also been situations where someone has talked too loudly, actually answered their cell phone, and kicked the back of my chair. These are all unacceptable behaviors at the movie theater.

What is your movie theater pet peeve? We asked our listeners and Facebook friends, and this is what you told us…

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