Rat Problem

Earlier this year it was reported by Bangor Daily News that Milford, Maine was dealing with a large infestation of rats. Milford certainly isn't the only town, however.

Last fall WABI reported exterminators have seen calls jump 30% regarding rats. Experts believe this is a side effect of the pandemic due to more food being thrown away with people being home more often.

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According to the website Couch to Homestead, mice and rats love pumpkins. Especially ones where the insides are exposed.

This, of course, is problematic since we have an entire holiday dedicated to exposing the insides of pumpkins by way of Jack-o’-lanterns.

Pumpkins Growing In Kent Fields Ahead Of Halloween
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Watertown, Massachusetts has been experiencing its own rat problem which has now prompted city officials to warn residents against putting Jack-o’-lanterns outside and instead opt for fake pumpkin decor.

Boston 25 News reports that the city's Director of Public Health, Larry Ramdin, noted that another contributing factor is restaurant closures which are driving the rats to residential areas.

So carve to your heart's content. Just keep them inside this year!

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