I've never been pampered quite like I was yesterday at Men's Room in Portland.

I was long overdo for a haircut. I hadn't had one since I moved here almost two months ago. A colleague of mine suggested that I check out Men's Room, right here at City Center in Downtown Portland. When I arrived, they told me that there was a bit of a wait. No problem, I could sit on their leather couch, have a beer, and watch some tv or play xbox! "Whaaaa? This is the best!!" I thought to myself.

Kat came over and introduced herself, and told me that it was time. When I got in the chair, I was treated to a scalp, neck, and shoulder massage. It was the BEST. Since when do you get a massage as part of a haircut?? Next, she cut my hair a bit, then brought me over to wash my hair. I got a hot towel on my face, and more scalp massaging.

Next, Kat finished my haircut, and cleaned up the back on my neck with a straight razor. A little product in my hair for some styling, and I was good to go. Most importantly, my hair looked great.

Being pampered at a salon isn't just for ladies. I had an incredible time at Men's Room, and would highly recommend it to any guy looking to treat themselves to something a little more than just a typical trip to the barbershop.




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