Holidays bring the joy but also the criminals. Why? Because everything increases like the amount of online shopping, the amount of people in the stores, and the money everywhere.

You should always be diligent when out shopping for your family throughout this time of year. I wanted to visit this topic in order to ensure your safety and security while the porch pirates and online scammers are on top of their game right now in Maine.

I recently learned about how the Skowhegan Police Department are helping Mainers with criminals who are trying to steal their packages, check it out!

This season unfortunately spikes crime and the need to steal. People are out and about with a lot of money on them. Always be aware of your purse and wallet while out shopping because "they" are watching.

The Grinch is not just a movie folks. There are real life Grinch's out there that want to steal from you to make a quick buck or a big buck.

Listen real close and let me help you continue to be aware of some of the top crimes to look out for during the holiday season in Maine.

Below is a gallery of the most common crimes committed during the holidays.

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Most Common Crimes To Watch Out For During the Holiday Season in Maine

The holiday season brings lots of cheer but also brings crime and these are the most common crimes that you should watch out for during the holiday season in Maine.

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