For many years, the South Portland property at the corner of C and Ocean street was home to the Griffin Club. The dive/sports bar had seen its heyday pass, when it brought it sports celebrities and served as the predominant neighborhood watering hole. When the building that housed the Griffin Club was sold in 2017, the new owners promised something new, vibrant and fresh for the area. While construction may have taken longer than expected, the new owners delivered in the form of Big Babe's Tavern, a slick restaurant/bar and live entertainment venue that seemed destined to be a success. Until a global pandemic hit.

According to the Portland Press Herald, that global pandemic has led to the decision to put the building that houses Big Babe's Tavern up for sale. The building itself contains a 75-seat restaurant, space for live entertainment and six hotel rooms. The price tag listed for the building is $3.1 million.

What about Big Babe's? Well, the business isn't going to be part of that transaction. Instead, the owner of Big Babe's will take a wait-and-see approach to the future. The restaurant and music venue could stay put depending on whom the new owner of the building is and how quickly a vaccine permeates society. If that takes too long, you may see Big Babe's pop up at another location in the Portland-area in the future.


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