This morning on the HOM Morning Show, Nikki and I were talking about how the MegaMillions jackpot has reached $868 million dollars, the second largest lottery jackpot of all time in the United States. Now, I don't play the lottery very often, because I'm generally opposed to it out of principal. However, I am willing to make an exception for a jackpot so huge. So I came up with a plan that I feel confident will work. Nikki and I each picked one number. Then, we opened up the phones and took four callers, each picking one number as well. We took their names and phone numbers, so we can get back to them when they win. I will go out and buy the ticket, and when we win, we'll split the money six ways. So we each get about $144 million, before taxes. Sounds like a good plan, right? Be sure to tune in to see how we do!


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