94.9 HOM is honoring the hardworking educators of northern New England, with the HOM Teacher of the Month! We're asking listeners to nominate a teacher they know that goes above and beyond their call of duty, and makes a real difference in the lives of their students. The teacher who receives the recognition each month receives a $250 Visa gift card from our friends at Cumberland County Federal Credit Union, along with a bag of Apples from Ricker Hill Orchards.

For the month of September, we've selected Jodi Pollack, a 2nd grade teacher at Acadia Academy in Lewiston. Here's the message we received from a parent of one of her students:

Not only is my daughter learning some amazing things with Miss Pollack, but she is learning to be part of a community. How to be a good friend, a good person. It's very rare to find a teacher that finds the time to incorporate all of these crucial elements into a school day. I am truly amazed and full of gratitude this place is so wonderful! Our daughter was struggling at her last school. She wasn't allowed to learn at her pace. At Acadia with Miss Pollack she can. She is blooming and doing fantastic. We are so happy for her.​

We should also mention that a video of how Jodi greets her students each day recently went viral. It's so heartwarming!

We had Jodi in the HOM studio to present her with her award and prizes, and to chat with her on the air. You can listen below!

Who do you think should be the next HOM Teacher of the Month? Click here to nominate one today!

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