Pretty much any movie that makes me laugh out loud is an Adam Sandler movie. You just can't beat Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore or Big Daddy. Fun fact: my husband and I had our first dance at our wedding to "I want to grow old with you" from The Wedding Singer. It was very us, since we're both big fans of the San Man. My dream would be to interview him on our show, and since he's from Manchester it's not too far-fetched!! Okay, maybe it is a little, but a gal can dream..

Can you imagine if Adam Sandler never pursued acting as a career? We would be deprived of some of the most iconic cinematic treasures of this generation.

According to Variety, Adam studied acting at NYU, and one day after class, his theater teacher took him out for a beer (which sounds really nice!).  But the reason his teacher wanted that one-on-one time with Adam was so he could give him the terrible advice that he should probably pursue another career. He said he had heart, but didn't really have what it took to make it in show business.

Fast forward a few years, and Adam had made it as a well known actor in Hollywood. He was out with a few friends, and who does he run into? None other than that teacher who told him to quit acting! What a delicious opportunity to rub his success in his teacher's face. People dream of this moment of redemption, and there it was, sitting in front of Adam's face like low-hanging fruit. But Adam didn't grab it; he's too class for that. He simply told his friends that "This is the only teacher to ever buy me a beer." What a guy!

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